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This is your one stop site for all the seaQuest 2047 Scripts that have been and will be released.
The new episodes will debut here and on the seaQuest fanfic list simultaneously.

00 & 01) "Jumpstart"

On the eve of world peace, a terrorist bombing destroys UEO Headquarters. Lucas Wolenczak is forced into command of the newest ship to bear the seaQuest name, at the request of Acting Secretary General Katherine Hitchcock, as the youngest captain in the fleet. He must not only keep the peace, but prove himself to his crew and stop an invasion of the seaQuest by enemy forces.

02) "Breakdown"

A crew member's addiction to a designer drug compromises the safety of the Secretary General...and the seaQuest.

03) "Family Ties"

A long lost stranger returns, and a living legend follows right behind.