The Future is Now.

seaQuest 2047 takes place in the year 2047 where a fragile peace has been disrupted. It's up to the crew of seaQuest to save the world from itself in a time where nothing is what it seems.
Based on seaQuest DSV and seaQuest 2032

seaQuest 2047 is the first series created totally for the Internet. Every 3 to 4 weeks a new 'episode' will be published and added to this site. The new 'episodes' will air on Sunday nights at 8 EST on the seaQuest Fan Fiction list, along with this page.

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Like any series, it may be a little difficult to jump into with first understand the situation, scenario, etc...
New Episodes:
1. Jumpstart
2. Breakdown
3.. Family Ties

"seaQuest DSV" and "seaQuest 2032" are properties of NBC and no copyright infringement is intended. "seaQuest 2047" is a new idea BASED on seaQuest DSV and seaQuest 2032 and therefore is copyright by Matt Schiller and Rachel Brody