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Crew Postings:
Commanding Officer: Captain Lucas Wolenczak
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jessie Matthews
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Meridith Burke
Chief of Security/Tactical: Lieutenant J.G. Justin Riller
Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Gregory Callan
Communications: Ensign Rebecca Trueman
Sensors: Chief Petty Officer Sara Percell
Helm: Ensign Tom Reede
Science Officer: Ensign Anne Morgan
The Chain Of Command:

Captain Lucas Wolenczak
Lieutenant Commander Jessie Matthews
Lieutenant j.g. Justin Riller
Lieutenant Commander Gregory Callan
Ensign Rebecca Trueman
Ensign Tom Reede
Ensign Anne Morgan
CPO Sara Percell
Lieutenant Commander Meridith Burke Specifications:

The crew size of the seaQuest 4600III is approximately 150.

The equipment includes WSKRS, HR Probes, as well as the standard transportation vehicles. There are also several Stingers.

The new _seaQuest_ was conceived from science innovations that were uncovered in the quest to rule the world (ie: The UEO/MAC wars) and a lot of that new science was put to use in the building of the new _seaQuest_.

There was an all new bio-skin that has twice the tolerance of the original and it can also bear the brunt of a short-range torpedo without suffering serious damage.

The new "Marauder" class vessels were scaled down to make the shuttles obsolete. The Marauders have better maneuverability and stealth capabilities as well as a full weaponry compliment. The spectres were used extensively in the UEO/Macronesian Wars and thus their supplies have been severely depleted. seaQuest III is equipped with five spectres, two of which have seen combat before.

The other three are Spectre MarkIV's and have superior capabilities to the first two which are only there for reserve, along with the WSKRS which have been updated with the latest underwater detection abilities, and the exec shuttle which was saved from the seaQuest II.