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The Future is Now.

seaQuest 2047 takes place in the year 2047 where a fragile peace has been disrupted. It's up to the crew of seaQuest to save the world from itself in a time where nothing is what it seems.
Based on seaQuest DSV and seaQuest 2032

Aired on the NBC television network.

seaQuest 2047 is the first series created totally for the Internet. Every 3 to 4 weeks a new "episode" will be published and added to this site. Don't miss the Pilot "Jumpstart" which will "air" here on September 8th 1996, after 8pm Eastern Standard Time.
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    Kate's seaQuest Page. Includes: seaQuest Ads, Stacy Haiduk Page, Jonathan Brandis Shrine and lots more!
    seaQuest crossroads. Includes Graphics, Sound Clips, stories and more.
    The Lois and Clark Page

    Last Updated: 9/1/96

    "seaQuest DSV" and "seaQuest 2032" are properties of NBC and no copyright infringement is intended. "seaQuest 2047" is a new idea BASED on seaQuest DSV and seaQuest 2032 and therefore is copyright by Matt Schiller and Rachel Brody
    Special Thanks to:
    Vicky & Lauri
    And MGL for the space needed for this page.